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Yellow Cab Co. of Bremerton would like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. These are the times, that give us all an opportunity to reflect on the year and appreciate all that we are blessed with.

As a company we can appreciate all, that we are grateful for and do our best to pay it forward in the communities we live and work.

Making a difference and doing something a little extra for our customers. Kind of like a baker's dozen, we want to go up and beyond the service, that is delivered in our communities.

Call Yellow Cab Co. of Bremerton at 360-473-6996 and see if we can make amazing happen in your taxi experience!

Safety, Comfort, Convenience... the BETTER TAXI!

Thank you,


  1. Wtf? Today for the third time your effing morning driver of the car with the license # C12036A tried to mow me down in the crosswalk of Montgomery and 6th, between Wells Fargo and that furniture store! And u say you're a safe and friendly company? Then what the eff do u call trying to kill me when I'm on my way to work?


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